About Lenny Stearns

Lenny Stearns is a guitarist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist who has been performing since the 70s, playing in a wide range of genres.  

Starting in his teens, he played guitar and sang in a number of bands, performing in venues ranging from small-town dances to big-city concerts opening for Bob Seeger, Ted Nugent, Lou Reed, Kiss, and others. 

During the late eighties in the Washington, DC area, he formed the band, Mind's I, which was nominated by the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA)  for a 'Wammy' for Best Debut Album for their EP, A House Defiled. 

Shortly after the dissolution of Mind's I, Lenny began immersing himself in home studio production, synthesizers and  computer MIDI sequencing.  At the same time, he was performing as a vocalist/lead guitarist in several blues bands, playing in local D.C.-area clubs.

During this time, he found the musical direction that he wanted to pursue, which was really the direction of no-direction, allowing the inspiration drawn from his many influences to create the music rather than trying to compose in a particular form or genre.  Following this path led to the creation of his current project, The Above.

While composing and recording this first album from The Above, Lenny went through an intense transformational period of his life in which he traveled, married the love of his life, intensively practiced various forms of meditation, built his present studio, and began a study of Shamanic healing and practices.  The music that was created reflects the energies of change, discovery and joy that were part of his life.